Fall 2018 Schedule Info:

Fall term public enrollment starts on Sunday, Sept. 2nd, 2018 .

10 week courses start on Saturday, Sept. 29th, 2018 ~ Ends on Sunday, Dec. 16th, 2018 (please allow 1 week cushion time for end of the semester)
Holiday break - Nov. 22nd, 23rd, 24th, & 25th, 2018 (Thanksgiving Break)

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For Fall 2018 International Students:

- We will start collecting Fall international students early enrollment fees and enrollment requests starting on Thursday, Aug 23rd, 2018, 3PM PDT. (Space is limited and given out at a first come first serve basis. E-mail us for more details.)

- All international student enrollment payment is due on Thursday, Aug 30th, 2018, 12PM PDT (International student early reservations will only be honored if the payment arrives before the deadline).

(*** International student enrollment is created to help students who have to relocate from overseas in order to attend the classes at CDA. To qualify for international student enrollment, you will need proof of foreign citizenship and traveled to US within a month before the semester starts. ***)




FALL 2018 - 10 WEEK COURSES (Schedule Preview):


*     = Field trip required classes   
**   = 8 week class     
***  = Portfolio review required for enrollment

(Please click on class name for class descriptions. Instructor names for instructor websites.) 



#101     9:00AM~1:00PM(4 hrs)       Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching *             Peter Han                            $780

(Class starts on Oct. 6th.)

#102     9:00AM~1:00PM (4 hrs)      Color & Lighting                                       Dan & Christina Cooper      $780

#103     10:00AM~1:00PM               Human & Mechs ***                                 Aaron Beck                         $750

                                                         (** = This class is 8 weeks in length. First day starts on Oct. 27th)


#104     2:00PM~5:00PM                  Sketching for Environment *                    Ed Li                                   $720

#105     2:00PM~5:00PM                  Vis Dev for Animation ***                         Arthur Fong                        $780



#106     8:30AM~12:30PM(4 hrs)      Landscape Painting *                               Saiping Lok                       $760    

                                           (Saiping will be out on Nov. 4th & have Sunny Apinchapong sub on Nov. 11th & 18th)

#107     9:30AM~1:00PM(3.5 hrs)     Analytical Figure Drawing                        Kevin Chen                        $740

#108     10:00AM~1:00PM                 Animal Anatomy *                                    Jonathan Kuo                    $720

#109     10:00AM~1:00PM                 Background Design for Animation           Khang Le                           $780


#110     2:00PM~5:30PM(3.5 hrs)    Head & Hands Drawing                             Kevin Chen                       $740

#111     2:00PM~5:00PM                  Gouache Color Study                                Peter Chan                       $720

                                                          (Class starts on Oct. 7th. Angela Sung will be subbing for the 1st week of class)

#112B 2:00PM~6:00PM(4 hrs) Intro to Storyboard Samuel Szymanski $820

(Class starts on Oct. 7th.)


#112     6:00PM~10:00PM(4 hrs)     Intro to Storyboard                         Stephanie Stine & Ariana Oh       $820

#113     6:30PM~9:30PM                 ZBrush Character Creation                        Xander Smith                    $780

             6:00PM~9:00PM                Uninstructed Short Pose Figure Drawing Workshop                  $15 /session




#114    7:30PM~10:30PM                Vis Com 2: Dynamic Camera & Staging    Peter Han                           $720

(Class starts on Oct. 8th)

#115    7:30PM~10:30PM                Key Frame Illustration                                Joshua James Shaw          $780

(Key Frame Illustration class cancelled for Fall 2018)

#116    7:00PM~11:00PM(4 hrs)      Composition & Cinematography **             Marshall Vandruff               $800

                                                        (** = 8 weeks class. Will be taught via teleconference on week 2, 4, & 6)





#117    7:30PM~10:30PM                  Intro to Digital Painting                            Sherwin Abesamis               $780

                                                           (David Merritt will be subbing in for week 1 & 2)

#118    7:00PM~10:00PM                  Intro to Character Design                        Christie Tseng                      $780

#119    7:30PM~10:30PM                  Intro to Perspective                                 Kirk Shinmoto                      $720



#120     7:00PM~11:00PM(4 hrs)       Cinematic Storyboard                                Alan Wan                            $820

#121     7:30PM~11:00PM(3.5 hrs)    Character Design 2                                    Kevin Chen & John Staub  $820

#122     7:30PM~10:30PM                 Costumed Gesture Drawing                       Kirk Shinmoto                     $720



- No Class -



#123     7:30PM~11:00PM(3.5 hrs)    Analytical Figure Drawing                           Kevin Chen                       $740

#124     6:30PM~11:30PM (5 hrs)      Cinematic Storyboard **                             Jay Oliva                           $820
                                                           (** = This class is 8 weeks in length)

#125    7:30PM~10:30PM                  Intro to Environment Design                        Shae Shatz                      $780





#126         Nov. 17th                               "Characters Design & Illustration " with Karla Ortiz                         $120

                 Sat.  2PM~7PM (5 hrs)


#127         Dec. 8th                                "Color & Design for Animation" with Helen Chen                             $120

                 Sat.  2PM~7PM (5 hrs)


#128        Dec. 15th                           "Style Development for Animation" with Lauren Airriess                  $120

                 Sat., 2PM~7PM (5 hrs) 


(*** For all "SOLD OUT" classes & workshops, there are waiting list ticket available. The students who purchased the waiting list tickets for the classes they wish to enroll will be notified when there are any last minute openings available from cancellations.

If we have enough students on the waiting list for a class or workshops, we will check with the instructor for the possibility to open up a second identical class to meet the demand. We will keep you updated if that happens and give the enrollment priority to the students on the waiting list. ***)